Ventilation helps to create a healthy, fresh atmosphere – extracting odours, moisture and CO2 and replenishing oxygen levels.

Choose an all-in-one HVAC

HVAC systems combine heating, ventilation and air conditioning to deliver the benefits of all three – and save you money in the process.  You’ll get a comfortable, consistent temperature and humidity level.

HVAC systems are useful in residential buildings (homes, apartment buildings and hotels) as well as industrial buildings (offices, skyscrapers and hospitals). They improve air quality by replenishing oxygen and removing excessive moisture, odours, bacteria and carbon dioxide. It’s not just important for the people breathing the air, but the condition of the building too.  A good ventilation system will save money and energy by recovering heat from damp spaces, like bathrooms, to heat another area. 

Ask us to recommend a system that suits your requirements.  Cool Runnings can install complex systems for larger buildings and workplaces and smaller units for residential buildings and homes.

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MHVS Mechanical Heating and Ventilation System
A diagram showing how a MHVS mechanical heating and ventilation system removes moisture from the air and provides cool air.

Heat recovery systems to improve your carbon footprint

During winter, opening windows ventilates your home – but what does the lost heat cost you?  A heat recovery unit can be an effective way to heat and cool your home all year round without breaking the bank.  

Most of our small-scale heat recovery systems come in the form of MVHRs which provide both heating and ventilation for your property. 

We partner with various manufacturers to achieve your goal.  

Technology keeps moving and we think you’ll be impressed with some of the options that are now available – in the commercial and residential sectors.

To find out more about the innovative options that we can carry out, give us a call today.

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