The perfect temperature in every room

Effective air-conditioning does more than just heat and cool your premises.

  • Relaxed employees (or pupils) are more productive
  • Meeting rooms are more comfortable
  • Customers or visitors are encouraged to stay for longer
  • A comfortable temperature reduces feelings of stress.

We’ve been working on major commercial air-conditioning systems for many years and we understand the need for efficiency, comfort, control and reliability.   You might have your own requirements, like low noise levels or aesthetics.  We can design and build a full system, then provide the right level of servicing to help prevent emergency callouts.  Of course, we are fully accredited and meet the latest compliance legislation requirements.

Put the job in our hands and soon everyone will be feeling less stressed.

A man fitting commercial air-conditioning units

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A man fitting commercial air-conditioning units showing the pressure guages

Smart air-conditioning to suit every room

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) and VRV (Variant Refrigerant Volume) air conditioning systems allow you to choose the temperature for each room.  The innovative technology will heat or cool the room to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. 

Traditional air-conditioning systems struggled to cope with rooms which were warm during parts of the day, or heated by adjoining spaces.  But the innovative technology will continually adapt to the ambient conditions, delivering the required temperature.  Set the comfort level for your room and you’re set.

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Black air conditioning ducts perfectly matching the design of the office

You’ll save money, space, and energy

The intelligent VRV/VRF systems can connected to multiple indoor fan coil units from modular external condensing units. They’ll save you not just space but money and energy too.  

These systems are great for multi-office buildings, as the individual fan coil units can deliver simultaneous heating and cooling to different rooms.  Refrigerant pipework of up to 100m and level differences of up to 50m mean that buildings up to 15 storeys can be served by roof-mounted condensing units. Heat recovery within the system makes use of waste heat, ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

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Air conditioning roof mounted unit with ducts

Your choice of room units

When you call us for a quote, we’ll do a site survey and advise on the most suitable options for your budget and needs.  These are the main types of unit that can be installed:

  • Wall-mounted units are simple to fit and cost-effective. The long thin units fit easily into most spaces.  For a large space, you can use several units evenly spaced to provide a consistent temperature.
  • Under-ceiling units have a powerful reach of up to 10m so they’re great for larger premises and shops – although they are not as aesthetically pleasing as other options.  We can advise on the best place to locate one of these during our survey.
  • Cassette units are more discreet – and more expensive. They are almost entirely hidden inside a suspended ceiling. 
  • Ducted units are the most discreet, and expensive, solution. The duct-work and internal units are completely hidden, so you’ll only see the grilles.  These are easier to install during a build, but they can be retrofitted if you already have a suspended ceiling.

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