Case Studies

You will find a list of our case studies below.


Liverpool Street, London,

Scope of Works:

  • Installation of 15x CRAC Systems to Main Building Server Rooms
  • This Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) client required the installation of 13x CRAC systems to be installed a new landmark building in the Liverpool Street area.
  • Due to working in high voltage electrical equipment rooms, health & safety was critical in providing a smooth transition in delivering this project.
  • Heavy duty containment services were installed to protect the refrigerant pipework and interconnecting installed services. The outdoor condensers were installed on a high level gantry floorplate area, above a loading bay which was in constant use.
  • Each CRAC system was installed on a one by one replacement basis in order for cooling to be constant in the room so that the existing live electrical equipment did not overheat.
  • This was a demanding project, but everyone of the team pulled together to achieve the completion date. Another one in the portfolio.

Wardour Street, Soho, London

Scope of Works:

  • Installation of AC Systems throughout the whole building
  • The same client at Aldersgate Street required a complete building comfort cooling system via 4x 3 pipe VRV systems with 12x indoor units connected to each system (60x indoor units in total).
  • Exposed mechanical services requirement here: polished cable tray containent, unistrutt bracketry, cladded ductwork and all fixings into the polished concrete had to be installed in a symmetrical fashion.
  • One of the requirements also was to have the air conditioning wired back to a BMS panel for full building control.
  • Another successful project which has led to further repeat business with another 5x similar size buildings in the W1 Soho postal code area.

Aldersgate Street, Tower Hill, London

Scope of Works:


  • Installation of AC Systems throughout the whole building
  • We have been installing various sized projects for this repeat client for several years and this project was quite challenging, to say the least.
  • The client wanted a complete building comfort cooling system which equated to 130 indoor units throughout all 8x floors. 5x floors were completely stripped out and removal of all existing services took place and were replaced with new services.
  • The other 3x floors were modified to suit the new comfort cooling requirements, however, due to these floors being occupied, phased nightworks were specified. So proactive planning and communication were key to the project's success.
  • The commissioning project was achieved a week ahead of schedule leaving the client stress-free when handover was complete.

Sports Stadia TV & Media Suites, London

Scope of Works:

  • Installation of AC systems in office areas and computer equipment rooms.
  • One of our top-tier commercial clients wanted to design & install an air conditioning VRV system throughout its new sports stadium media suit.
  • After numerous schemes were proposed, our client decided to go with a simultaneous cooling/heating system with 32 indoor units connected to it providing all-year-round climate control.
  • As always with this client, the project was a fast-paced programme which was achieved on time, on budget, and with a huge sense of satisfaction for all involved.


Holland Park, London

Scope of Works:

  • Installation of 6x Ducted AC Systems.
  • Our client in this case study is a specialist in the West London area in creating beautiful family homes.
  • The scheme here was to provide a heating & cooling system with internal ducted ceiling units hidden within the ceiling void areas throughout the property.
  • Bespoke plastered in linear bar grilles were chosen by the clients design team which had to blend in with the classic heritage look of the property.
  • The external refrigerant pipework and communication cabling was hidden in black PVC weatherproof trunking.
  • This was another great project to be apart of and huge satisfaction for everyone one involved.

Chelsea, London

Scope of Works:

  • Installation of 3x Wall Mounted Units.
  • This client wanted a quick & easy solution to thier sleepless nights problem.
  • We designed a cooling system which consisted of 2x indoor wall mounted units connected to 1x outdoor unit.
  • The refrigerant pipework, communication cabling and condensate drains were hidden in the wardrobe and ceiling voids.
  • This project was a quick turnaround leaving the client with a smile on their face knowing that hot, humid, sleepless nights were a thing of the past.

Kensington, London

Scope of Works:

  • Installation of 5x AC Systems with Slot Grilles.
  • Our client here wanted to have a cooling system installed in 2x bedrooms and office area whilst they were on holiday.
  • The design we proposed here was to install ducted indoor units in the loft void area and the hallway corridor with bespoke site measured ductwork connected to slimline plenum boxes and slim slot plastered in grilles.
  • Our engineers were worked in tandem with the building contractor to deliver a crisp clean finish with minimal disruption.
  • Our client was left extremely happy with the installation.

Emerson Park, Essex

Scope of Works:

  • Installation of 25x AC units.
  • Installation of Dehumidifier System.
  • Installation of AC system in AV Room.
  • This client is one of Essex's leading building contractors who regularly designs & builds high-end residential properties.
  • The client wanted a complete climate controller VRF system which provided cooling in the warmer months and heating in the colder months of the year.
  • After listening to the client's requirements. We proposed a 2 pipe VRF system consisting of 25x indoor ducted units, which were either hidden in the ceiling/wall voids or bespoke joinery.
  • Bespoke plastered in linear slot diffuser grilles were chosen by the client and were supplied in RAL colours specified.
  • The client also wanted a dehumidifier system to be installed in the swimming pool plant to control the moisture and humidity levels to prevent condensation appearing in the indoor swimming pool.
  • This project ended up being a show home which led to another 8x houses with similar specification requirements.

Service & Maintenance

Old Street, London

Scope of Works:

  • Carry Out Deep Clean Maintenance to 125x AC Systems.
  • Carry Out Remedial Works To Faulty Systems.
  • We have been carrying routine maintenance for this client every 3x months for the past 10x years with an asset list of over 300 items.
  • In the pictures of this case study, you can see that each filter, fan decks, coils, and cosmetic casings were deep cleaned.
  • Air On / Air Off temperatures were recorded in both cooling and heating modes.
  • 2x main VRF outdoor condenser inverter and control PCB Boards were replaced and modified to suit the new replacement systems.

Bow, London

Scope of Works:

  • Degas Large VRF System
  • Cut back interconnecting pipework and replace BC Boxes.
  • Re-pressure test, vacuum test and commission system with central controller
  • We have been carrying servicing & maintenance works for this client for over 10x years.
  • The remedial works in this case study was to degas 60kgs of refrigerant from the existing VRF system.
  • Cut back all indoor units branch pipes to the BC controller box and replace the faulty BC controller box with a new one.
  • Re-pressure test, vacuum test and commission the system with the centralised controller.
  • After the system being off line for 3x days the system was back up and running, fully operational and achieving the desired ooling setpoint temperatures.