This energy efficient renewable heating system provides cost savings all year round. 

Interested in a system that can cool and heat your home?  Are you looking for something innovative and energy-efficient?  Air-to-water heat pumps use electricity to produce a far greater amount of thermal energy – which means you get more power for your pound.

Did you know that there’s always some heat in the outside air – even at low temperatures?  The Air-to-Water pump doesn’t require fuel; instead, it transfers heat from outdoors to warm your property during the winter and cool it in the summer months.  This system is an excellent alternative to traditional combustion-based heating boilers. 

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Air to water Heat Pump in a garden
An Dcodan air to water heat pump cylinder in a cupboard

How does the Air-to-Water heat pump work?

Check out our video above!  You can see that fresh air is drawn in and stale air is expelled.  The heat pump can be used to heat or cool your property, which makes it a great system for workplaces as well as residential homes. In simple terms, here’s how it works for heating:

  1. The outdoor unit draws in heat from the air.
  2. The heat is transferred to a coolant.
  3. A compressor increases the temperature of the coolant.
  4. That heat is utilised (using a heat exchanger) to warm the hot water tank.
  5. Hot water travels out to taps, underfloor heating and/or radiators.
  6. As it cools, it is drawn back to the tank.
  7. The coolant returns to the outdoor unit and the whole process continues in a loop.

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An Ecodan cyclinder

Is an air-to-water heat pump suitable for my property?

If you live in a country with a mild climate like the UK, you can install an Air-to-Water Heat Pump!  Already widely-used in the US and Scandinavia, Air-to-Water heat pumps are suitable for climates where temperatures stay within a moderate range. 

There’s one proviso here. They’re not cost-efficient when it’s below freezing temperature outside; at consistent low temperatures, this type of pump will struggle to heat the property sufficiently.  So in a region which experiences freezing winters, you’d need a backup system such as gas central heating.  This may change in the future; we know that air-to-water heat pumps are currently being adapted for cold countries.

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An Ecodan unit air to water heat pump diagram with an explanation of how they work to be more efficient

What are the benefits of an Air-to-Water Heat Pump?

There are significant environmental and economic advantages to installing an Air-to-Water heat pump. 
> There is no need for separate air-conditioning and heating systems in the property.
> There is no fuel, which means lower carbon emissions – so it’s better for the environment.
> It’s a safe system which consumes electricity. 
> It’s an efficient heating source: electricity is converted into 2-3x the amount of thermal energy.

Professional installation is important.  After installation, you can expect your system to last for around 20 years – and warranties are usually around 5 years.

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