Emerson Park, Essex

Contract Value: £90,000

Scope of Works:

  • Installation of 25x AC units.
  • Installation of Dehumidifier System.
  • Installation of AC system in AV Room.
  • This client is one of Essex's leading building contractors who regularly designs & builds high-end residential properties.
  • The client wanted a complete climate controller VRF system which provided cooling in the warmer months and heating in the colder months of the year.
  • After listening to the client's requirements. We proposed a 2 pipe VRF system consisting of 25x indoor ducted units, which were either hidden in the ceiling/wall voids or bespoke joinery.
  • Bespoke plastered in linear slot diffuser grilles were chosen by the client and were supplied in RAL colours specified.
  • The client also wanted a dehumidifier system to be installed in the swimming pool plant to control the moisture and humidity levels to prevent condensation appearing in the indoor swimming pool.
  • This project ended up being a show home which led to another 8x houses with similar specification requirements.

Images from the job